Types of tipsters and their advantages / disadvantages - Current situation of limitations

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Given the current situation of the sector in terms of markets and limitations, we can find, roughly, three different types of tipster:

1) Small market tipsters: They are those who focus their picks on minor leagues of any sport (ITF in the case of tennis or Third Division or the Women's League in the case of football, for example). They are surely the most profitable tipsters. The yield of the best on the market is close to 20-25% when we speak about samples of 800-1000 picks. Also they are the most recommended for beginner bettors, as they can increase the bank quickly with these tipsters.

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These types of tipsters have several handicaps. They require more dedication since bets drop fast in many cases and you have to be available to place them fast. Maybe when you go to place the bet, odds could be dropped because of the low liquidity that these bets have. This fact makes the real yield and profit for bettors lower tan 20%-25%. That is why with this type of tipster you should consider that your yield would not be exactly the official one. So we should be picky with the yield when you are thinking to buy this tipster.  The real yield of the player will be for sure lower than the official.

In addition there is another factor that makes it harder to follow these tipsters: the limitations to winners by the bookies. This type of forecaster only can be placed at bookmakers that limit winners in relatively little time, so that winning ability has expiration for a particular person.

Regarding this type of tipsters, as we said, you have to be demanding with their results. The best ones have yields around 20% and it is rare to see them a month with negative results.

If the picks are pre-match, in our judgment, it will be more difficult for you to earn money with the tipster and you can replicate your numbers. For three reasons:

- The picks will normally be available in fewer bookies and consequently you will have fewer options to have an account to bet.

- The accounts will be limited faster since the bookies limit more the accounts more by playing in pre-match.

- The liquidity of this kind of pick is lower tan Live Picks. In Pre-Match you cannot place so much money and the odds will drop faster.


2) Tipster of big markets in non ASIAN bookies: They are those who focus their tips on non-Asian bookies, but whose markets are major leagues (first and second divisions of football, ATP in the case of tennis, the first European basketball leagues, etc.).  These leagues are less profitable, but soft bookies offer markets or lines that do not offer the Asian ones and in which a 10-15% yield in 1000 picks is easily attainable by the best ones.

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You do not earn money as fast as in small markets, but bookies take longer to limit and tips are available in almost all bookies, even if they are pre-match picks. It is more frequent to find negative months in this kind of tipsters because the hypothetical overvalue of the picks is smaller, reason why a bad gust can take to the negative one month.


3) Tipsters from Asian Bookies: It is a tipster that focuses its tip on lines and markets that are offered by Asian bookies: Pinnacle, Sbobet, etc. It is a much less profitable tipster in short term than the previous but the only one with you can win in long term without any limitations. Yields of 10% in 1000-1500 picks and 5-8% in pair of 2500 picks are the best you can find in the market. There are very few tipsters to win at Pinnacle in long term.

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Players who follow these types of tipster are usually professionals who can move high volumes of money so that the yield of 1-5% represents a profit in € high enough. They usually place bets with automatic betting tools to avoid the odds drop and pay atenttion to place each of the picks. In Inbetsment we have the well-known autobetting tool, which precisely does that function.