The service of these tipsters are offered through our tool of automatic betting tool. They are tipsters who publish all their picks at Pinnacle, a sportsbook, which does not limit winners.

When the customer hires the service, he must enter his Pinnacle credentials and setup his stakes strategy and few more parameters. Once this is configured, each time the tipster sends a pick, his bet will be automatically placed according to the parameters previously defined by the client.

We recommend reading the following ARTICLE to get more information about the tool.

This services can also be purchased in the stanrdard/manual mode, although we advise to do it through AutoBetting to avoid the odds drop.

Read this article to know in detail the description of the categories of Inbetsment tipsters
Guaranteed profit for subscriptions >60 days Read this article to know details

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Semi-autobetting Tipsters: 60-70% of the bets can be placed by the automatic betting tool. The rest of picks will have to be placed manually.

Traditional tipsters: They are the most profitable. However, you will have to manually place all the bets as has traditionally been done.