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InBetsment site was founded in June 2015 with the aim of becoming a reference platform in sports betting advice. To achieve this, we have brought together some of the top forecasters in sports. They put all their knowledge at your service so you can combine profitability and entertainment at once. Our tipsters are constantly evolving, and we are always including new specialists from all around the world in order to enhance our offer.

Our website accommodates all types of users: from expert investors to novice players, and even those who dream of being professional tipsters in the near future. We have designed a multi-angle r web structure in which we can meet the expectations of a wide range of users.

For the design, development and operation of our portal, we have put together a multi-disciplinary and highly qualified team within each of the following areas:

Tipsters: we added specialists who are already very popular and in high demand in the sector. We work to offer a variety of forecasters, in all sports and with different publication schedules, so that you have at least one specialist that suits your needs.

Technology: we work with three professionals with extensive experience in developing technology solutions for betting tips platforms. They offer continuous support to us on a daily basis, developing new features that improve the overall service and meet the needs of our customers.

Quantitative Analysts: The betting sector is closely linked to mathematics and probability. Therefore, we have brought together a team of specialists in quantitative analysis, which have extensive experience in pricing and risk assessment in financial and betting markets. This team has designed a very comprehensive statistics engine that gives an almost perfect radiography of tipsters: THE SCORE. Score takes into account not only the yield, but also many other aspects that influence the profitability and quality of the service offered by a tipster. In addition, our Quantitative Analysts give our tipster advice on statistics; so they can improve their service: use of stakes, analysis of winning/losing streaks, amongst other factors.

Design: We have signed a professional with extensive experience in web design and advertising, who has worked on many projects with public and private institutions. This addition to our project gives a breath of fresh air to our brand, aiming to make our appearance as friendly as possible to the user.

Marketing: Having a team of professionals who are capable of transmitting the values ​​of our platform is crucial to us. A wider broadcasting is beneficial to all parties, among other things, it allows us to increase our capacity to attract the best tipsters in the market, so we can put them at your disposal.

Scouting Specialist: We have two professionals with a high statistical analysis capability, whose task is to research the net seeking the best sport specialists with the aim to incorporate them into our workforce. This is an arduous task that requires a thorough analysis given the large number of factors to consider. It allows us to keep our grid of specialists up to date.


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