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Would you compute push tips in the yield calculation?

In this article we are going to show all points of view about this topic.

Do you think it is fair to eliminate the push tips of a tipster when calculating the Yield? Is it an "artificial" way to raise the Yield? Would you discriminate depending on the kind of push (draw no bet, partially push bets, retired players, game suspension, non-participating horses [...]

How to assign Stakes to a Tipsters portfolio

Next we are going to expose, as we had promised in another previous article, a simple model to assign stakes to a portfolio of tipsters. The objective is not, far from it, to defend this model as unique and irrefutable, but to help the beginners in some way to manage their bankroll, so that they do [...]

Basic recommendations to follow a horse racing tipster

Basics for a good selection of a horse racing tipster and a correct management of his tips

In this article we will try to show the main considerations that must be taken into account to follow a horse tipster. They can be extended to any kind of tipster but we will focus on the specific characteristics of horse racing tipsters.   CHARACTERISTICS:   The main diffe [...]

Tips to choose the best betting expert

The selection of a forecaster should be done after a thorough analysis. Read this article and learn with us.

Below we will give some basic notions of the aspects that we believe that must be taken into account when choosing the best tipster for eachone. Before this, you have to answer some questions: what kind of professional do I need? What kind of professional do I want? Which is best suited to [...]