What is the Stake in betting? The risk if you don't manage well

The stake in betting.

What is the stake in betting? The risk if you don't manage well

Stake in betting is an important concept to understand when placing bets. It is one of the most important concepts when you start betting. Here we explain what it is and how the Stake is calculated. 

What is Stake? 

Stake is the amount of money placed on a bet. This amount is determined at the time of placing the bet and is used to calculate payouts and returns. Each tipster has a Stake ladder to determine the value of the bets, usually from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.

How does the Stake work? 

Before you start betting you must be clear about your bank and from there determine a betting unit (Stake). The tipster, according to his belief of the value of a bet, will determine the stake to bet. Following the tipster's indications will be fundamental for success in betting.

How is Stake calculated? 

The amount to bet is calculated by multiplying the chosen base by the stake. For example, if our base is $10, if the tipster sends stake 2, then the amount to bet will be $20. The return of the bet will be Stake*stake-stake.


Stake is a fundamental concept to understand when placing bets. As it is well explained, following the tipster's indications can be fundamental to make money in sports betting.

We also advise you to look at all the fundamental concepts before you start betting.