These types of tipsters offer a mixed service. That is, the vast majority of their picks (above 60-70%, normally) are available in Pinnacle and can be placed by our tool, and the rest in other bookies. To follow in semmiauto way you must configure your pinnacle credentials and define the stake strategy. When the tipsters post picks in Pinnacle, the bet will be placed automatically. However, when the tipster sends a pick that is not in Pinnacle, the client will receive it through the app and / or the mail and he must place the bet manually. These tipsters can also be hired on a standard way , placing the client manually all of their bets.

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Autobetting Tipsters: 100% of the bets can be placed by the automatic tool. In this way, you will only have to buy the subscription, configure your stakes and certain parameters of your strategy.

Traditional tipsters: They are the most profitable. However, you will have to manually place all the bets as has traditionally been done.