The consequences of COVID-19 in the activity of InBetsment tipsters

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How the coronavirus pandemic affects our services

The health crisis that is being experienced worldwide by the Covid19 is a reality and sport is not apart from it. Consequently, the activity of most of our tipsters will be affected in the coming weeks.

Some of our tipsters stop the services (and the subscriptions are paused), however some of them are working because their leagues are not affected by the virus, so the number of picks will be the same.


The tipsters who they are active:

(UPDATED 19th May 2020)

- MarioBetsPRO: he published for free during April with excellent results. The current market allows him to offer an optimal service.

- PickNick: one of the best specialists on the market in LIVE, returns to activity in the premium service from May 16th. Many friendly matches are happening as well as a significant number of competitions are being resumed.

Marcip (live football picks around the world)

Jeremy_Price (football picks around the world)

Dave (Live football picks around the world)

Another tipster that is active is SuperCards. For now you can follow his picks on Telegram and Instagram. When the rest of the major European leagues return to activity, the official resumption of their service will be valued.

We will also see Cricketpro365 in action soon. There are scheduled cricket events starting May 22. If confirmed, they would mean the resumption of service.

At the beginning of June it looks like horse racing could return in the UK, which would cause TheManInTheKnow and TheWinMachine to return.

And it also seems that at the beginning of June many official team competitions could be resumed, which would make the vast majority of our tipsters able to come back their activity.

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