Summer is coming: all the information about the summer plans of our tipsters

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We detail what will happen in each service in the next months

Summer and break seasons are coming. Some of the sports in which our specialists predict end the season soon. However, most of our tipsters will remain active in summer and their services work as usual.

In this article you will find the planning of our best tipsters for the next months.

If you have purcahsed the service of a tipster that will pause his service, don't worry!

While it is in "break season" or "pause days", your subscription will not be consumed.

An example: if you purchased a 30-day subscription on May 20th and the tipster pauses his service on May 29th, the remaining 21 days will not be consumed until the tipster restart the service.

In the tipster profiles that are in pause, we show a badge that indicates it. We also show the day they plan to return to the activity.

- TheManInTheKnow: the best InBetsment service will not stop. There are horse races in the United Kingdom every day of the year, a market over which he has absolute dominance: more than 5 years of experience, more than 5000 accumulated picks and an impressive 22% yield. The same will happen with TheWinMachine (19% yield in about 1,000 picks), who is in a excellent run.

 - BetsFutAmateur: the season ends soon and he is going to finish it with great results. He will pause his service on May 20th (end of the regular league in Tercera and Segunda-B of Spain) and until the official start of the 2019-2020 football season (mid-August). Important: during this period, there will still be picks from the promotion phase and from friendly matches that will be played in the next pre-season. In the same period of last season, he obtained great results.

- MarioBetsPRO: the tennis circuit does not stop. These months, there are a lot of ITF tournaments. After an irregular season start, due to the changes that the ITF market has suffered, the tipster returns to his maximum level. MarioBetsPRO in a good run is amazing.
We recommend you to pay atenttion to our social media and the Telegram channel of the tipster as there may be occasional special offers.

- ThinkerOfBets: this service will continue the normal operation until June 30th. It is focused, mainly, in playoff to Segunda-B and Segunda of Spain. His service will be paused from July 1st to August 31th. As usual, a special promotion will be offered for the whole 2019-2020 season before the end of the current one, so that the loyal customers can renew with a big discount.

- SuperCards: one of our last and brand new signings. He will pause his service at the end of May, coinciding with the end of the competition in the main European leagues. He returns to the activity, approximately, at the beginning of August, coinciding with the start of the new season in the competitions in which he predicts.

- Marcip: this Polish tipster specialized in football, will pause his service for 7 days from May 29th. The rest of the summer will be active. The estimated number of monthly picks in the service has been reduced to 30-40, in order to offer a higher yield and picks more selected.

- DoublesWin: our specialist in men's doubles ATP circuit will be fully active in summer. We remind you that this service is sold by units won (in the testing phase). In the service description you will find more details about this format. All tipster picks are published with Pinnacle odds and are available in many bookies. This fact is the big advantage of the service, obviously linked to their good numbers: 17% yield in more than 500 picks.

- Rugby15tipster: until June 24th, the service will work normally. The tipster will take a break from then until July 15th (in that time interval the service will be paused, although it is not ruled out that there may be a pick). Then, between July 15th and the end of September (there will be mostly international teams matches), a number of picks is estimated equivalent to a conventional service month. A special 120-day subscription for € 90 will be available. If you have active subscription you can extend it with a good price, and if you are a new user you can make the first purchase with a big discount.

- Tipsordead: our tipster specialized in the Brazilian market, continues with very good trackrecord: Yield of 32%. His sample already reaches 500 picks. His service will not stop in summer, since they include a multitude of competitions and several sports, perfectly dominating his market. It is estimated an average of monthly picks higher than 60 in all these months.

- ProCornerBet: it's great news to also know that ProCornerBet will not stop the service in the summer. He offers quality picks in the market of corners, exclusively in LIVE. He started 2019 with amazing results: 25% yield in about 200 picks.

- FrenchBasketPinnacle: this specialist in the French basketball ProB will pause his service at the end of June, coinciding with the end of the playoffs of the competition. He has been, without doubt, one of the great demands of our staff in this first half of the year, since it is a 100% AutoBetting service. The automatic places are covered and those interested can join the waiting list. It is important to note that their picks are available in many other bookies, which allows the user who wants to purchase it in a manual way to do it. The tipster will restart the service coinciding with the start of the 2019-2020 season, between the end of September and the beginning of October.


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Happy summer!