Some of the most common strategies to make money with sports betting

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Strengths and weaknesses of each of them

In this article we will describe the most common strategies currently used by players to earn money with sports betting.

Place valuebets following profitable tipsters: It is, perhaps, the most popular. These are specialists who know and control very well certain sports, markets and / or competitions. They sell their predictions in exchange for a monthly fee. Following the advice of a good tipster, you can usually earn money.

Advantages: The past results of the tipster gives you certain guarantees that these bets, which he chooses and which you place, are medium-term profitable. You can diversify in terms of criteria, following other tipsters or changing one for another. In general, it is difficult to see players or tipsters who are perpetually winners. With a good analysis, you can choose in each moment that tipster you think is better to follow. Everyone has their method and their formula. You can incorporate new winning methods with the simple fact of paying a monthly fee.

Disadvantages: A good tipster usually has many followers. This brings with it two negative consequences. First of all, you have to place bets as fast as possible due to odds  drop when money. is wagered. On the other hand, it is easy to detect those players who follow tipsters. So it is very easy to locate and ban them. There is also the theory that bookmakers limit more to those players who bet prices higher (on average) that closing odds. The followers of good tipsters usually are in this situation because the odds drop after every followers place their bets.

Place Valuebets chosen with your own criteria: There are lot of people betting around the world. Only some players are able, FOR THEMSELVES, to beat bookmakers in long term. They are very few, surely we speak of 1 of each 100, or even 1 of each 1000. It is not a matter of place 100 bets and make profit. That can be luck. We are talking about people who, after 1000 or more bets, have benefits. These players, as in the case of the tipsters, have detected competitions events and / or markets in which they are able to beat a certain bookie in a sustained manner. They usually use criteria and statistical analysis as well as very valuable information about what surrounds these events.

Advantages: You do not need to be aware of a tip from a tipster to make a bet. This player studies and place bets when he can or wants. In addition, by not betting simultaneously with other players, bookmakers do not have easy to see if their bets are winners or not until, indeed, has already earned considerable money. Odds do not drop abruptly and in their bbdd do not appear hundreds of people placing the same bet in the same time interval

Disadvantages: First, it is very difficult to become one of these players. It takes a lot of time of dedication, knowledge and certain analytical skills to become one. Usually because of a psychological issue, many of us think that we know of a particular sport. It costs a lot of  money to realize that it is not like that. In this case, we even have the alibi that bad luck could influence. Probably when we come to the conclusion that we are not winners, we will have spent many money. Even if you become one of those winners it may be that you are only temporarily. Your criteria or your knowledge in that particular sport could fail and, normally, take another method or dominate another sport / market is very complicated

Surebets, middlebets, valuebets detected by softwares: 

There are very professional softwares in the market that instantly compare the odds offered by the different bookmakers for a certain event. This tool gives us the opportunity to see that, frequently, certain bookies establish different odds for the same event or market. In this discrepancy of "opinions", different ways of earning money appear.

For example, let's suppose that pinnacle, which we know almost always adjusts odds well, is offering the symmetric line of a basketball game at 180 points and another bookie like retabet offers 169.5. The over 169.5 in retabet is a bet, clearly, profitable. You have the possibility to play it by itself, or even if you are not sure which bookie is wrong, you can also bet the under 180 in pinnacle. In this case, you would have a range of 10.5 points in which you would win the two bets, having a very limited level of losses in case of staying out of that range. This is what is called a middlebet.

Advantages: There is the possibility of making money almost without risk placing the famous surebets or middlebets. The strength of the theory that pinnacle and Asians bookies adjust the odds almost perfectly, allows us to establish a quite reliable strategy that comes to tell us that any odds that deviates a certain amount from the odds/line offered by pinnacle, is a fairly safe opportunity to earn money. You are not exposed to the possibility that a criterion or a method of yours or your tipster could start to fail.

Disadvantages: In general, the softwares give some errors when capturing the odds from the bookies. Sometimes this makes you waste time going to look for a bet that does not exist. Some boookmakers like bet365 use that type of software and they can detect who carries out this kind of strategy. Bookies often limit this kind of players. Another feature that is good and bad at the same time, is that you have to be looking at the software website to see these opportunities. It does not warn you but it does not bother you. When you want, and you have time, you can go to the website.

Trading: It's about placing bets in anticipation of a subsequent market movement that is affected only by expectations. We do not wait for the bet to be resolved. The strategy is to bet on some odds we expect drop soon, to later sell in profits.

Advantages: You do not need to know about a sport, because sports risk never comes into play. Therefore you reduce the volatility and the risks derived from the uncertainty in the result

Disadvantages: It is increasingly difficult to make money in this way, as the bookmakers have easy to see who carries out this type of strategy and punishes them. They also put measures to hinder: lower limits, inability to sell certain bets ...