One of the best football tipster aroudn the world

Pensador de apuestas is one of the tipsters with more baggage and more recognized worldwide. He is known for his knowledge in soccer betting in Spain. Currently they have their website, where they offer free content from the world of betting and their premium betting service in Inbetsment, as ThinkerOfBets, where they have more than 2 years with positive results month after month, being undoubtedly one of the best soccer tipsters in the world.

How many years have you been with Pensadordeapuestas and as premium tipsters at Thinker Of Bets?
With the Thinker of Bets website we started in November 2010, so this year we will celebrate our 13th anniversary. With Thinker of Bets we started in March 2014, so next month we will celebrate 9 years with our Premium Service at Inbetsment, as a Football tipster

How did the idea of creating betting content come about between two friends?
Samu had always wanted to be a sports journalist and since we both liked betting, we decided to create a blog where we started to share the sports forecasts that we considered most interesting with their respective analysis. We did it simply as a hobby and we had a lot of fun analyzing and writing. We never would have imagined that the Thinker would grow so much and become so well known.

At what point did you consider taking the step from content creators to premium tipsters?
Actually it wasn't us, it was several people who told us that with the numbers we had we could have a paid service and that there would be many people interested in following us. At that time we were a little respectful because it was not our initial idea and at that time to become Premium was frowned upon (funny but true), but we believe that we took the step at the right time and became one of the first premium soccer tipsters in Spain.

What advice would you give to people who want to become a soccer tipster, do you think everyone can be a tipster and make money in betting?
Being a winner in the world of betting is very complicated, although some people try to make it look the opposite. And being a soccer tipster nowadays is very complicated. There is a lot of competition and it is difficult to stand out. That's why you have to be constantly learning and getting information to be ahead of the bookies.
As for being a tipster, it is much more difficult than people think. Knowing a certain sport does not imply knowing how to bet. Betting goes much further than that. Less than 10% of the people who bet make money and we think that this is all we have to say.

How do you organize your work during the week?
The fact that we are two people makes our work much easier and allows us to obtain more information. In terms of organization, Mondays are usually dedicated to analyzing results and watching summaries. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we analyze matches from 1st division to 2nd RFEF. On Thursdays and Fridays it is the turn to study the 3rd RFEF matches. Each one is in charge of 9 groups. And at the weekend we try to follow as many matches as possible, either by television, radio or twitter. Trying to be the best tipster possible requires a lot of effort.

For you, who are the best soccer tipsters at the moment, and who are the best non-football tipsters?
In this question we are going to sweep a little bit for home and we are going to stay with the tipsters we have in Pensador de apuestas. We are very happy and proud of the team we have formed. And not only soccer tipsters. From the king sport, to highlight one that is not from our website, we would stay with Betsfutamateur. They have achieved very good numbers since they started forecasting and has been a tipster that we have always admired.

Recently you were recorded in Equipo de Investigación of La Sexta as a reference tipster in the Spanish panorama, in the end your section was not broadcasted. What was your contribution to the program?

This is the second time something like this has happened to us. The first time was in Comando Actualidad and this time it was in Equipo de Investigación. In the program we touched on many topics, but basically we talked about the importance of the long term, responsible gambling, how difficult it is to win with sports betting, although it is possible by doing things right, and the issue of limitations. It was a disappointment that the program decided to remove our part. Today, unfortunately, other things are of interest.

Even though you are recognized as one of the best soccer tipsters, where do you think you can improve?
There is always room for improvement. But if we had to stay with something we would say that our pending subject today are the live bets. We don't think we have bad numbers, but we think they can be improved, that would make us better tipsters.

It's been many years in such a difficult world as the sports betting, do you still have the motivation of the first day? Is there still pensadordeapuestas and ThinkerOfbets for years to come?
Sports betting has changed a lot since we started 13 years ago, but our motivation is still intact. The fact of seeing your followers/customers happy because you have made them money is priceless; it is undoubtedly the most rewarding thing for any tipster. It is an indescribable feeling and for that reason alone it is worth being strong and not to fall down in bad times, which always exist. If the bookmakers allow us to do so, we have a long life!

For Inbetsment it has been, is and will be a pride and a pleasure to have you on our website. Best of luck both personally and professionally!
Thank you very much! Our Premium Service could not be on a better platform. Everything has been easy, we have never had a "no" for an answer to our requests and the treatment we have received has been unbeatable, we are very grateful!

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