Most of our tipsters will continue predicting on summer! Betting doesn't stop!


In this article we leave you the planning of each of our tipsters for the months of June, July and August.
If you have hired the service of a tipster that will pause your service, do not worry!
While his service is in the break, your subscription days will not be consumed.

An example: if you purchased a 30-day subscription on May 20th and the tipster pauses his service on May 31th, the remaining 19 days that you have hired will not be consumed until the tipster returns to the activity.

- TheManInTheKnow: His service won't stop. There are horse races in the United Kingdom every day of the year. Our tipster will work to maintain the high level shown in recent months.

- MarioBetsPRO: The tennis circuit does not stop, but quite the opposite, since these months there are a lot of ITF tournaments.The tipster will reduce the number of picks from mid-June to mid-September in order to make easier you can be back the service. 

- BetsFutAmateur: Paused since May 14th and until the start of the 2018-2019 football season (mid-August). During this interval of time, there will be picks of Playoffs and friendly matches.

- PickNick: His service will continue during these months.

- Cardiffenio: The service will continue working as usual until July 15th, coinciding with the end of the World Cup in Russia, where it will send tips. From then until August 13th, coinciding with the start of the new season in First and Second Spanish Division, the service will be in break season.
Due to the the low number of picks in this period, we will offer, for a limited time, a special subscription of 60 days for only € 50 (offer available only on AutoBetting mode).

- Number14: Paused from May 21th and until June 14th, coinciding with the start of the World Cup in Russia, where it will offer service. During the break, the tipster will continue sending some picks, since some competitions in which he predicts are still active.

- Jeremy_Price: The service of this popular football tipster won't stop in the summer months.

- SquashPicks: On June 5th, the last tournament of the squash season takes place: "PSA Dubai World Series Finals 2018". You can buy a subscription for this tournament for € 40.
The tipster will return to the activity at the beginning of September (pending of confirmation). We remind you that a special subscription is available to enjoy all the tournaments that take place in 2018 for € 210.

- Gaarfield: The tipster will continue forecasting in summer. Several of the competitions in which he predicts do not stop in these months. In addition, numerous friendly matches in Poland (his speacialty) will be played on these dates.

- Strongpicks: Our romanian sports tipster, will take a break on June (still pending to specify the exact dates). On July he will return to the activity since he expects plenty of friendly matches.

- ThinkerOfBets: His service will continue its normal operation until June 30th. He is in a great run. His service will be paused from July 1st to August 31th.

- Rugby15tipster: He will continue offering his service as usual until June 30th. From July 1st to August 15th, a well-deserved break will be taken.

- MyBasketPicks: His service won't stop, although the volume of matches will be lower in the summer months. For this reason, a special 60-days subscription is available for € 99 (30% discount)

- HockeyBetting: Our ice hockey tipster will pause his service on May 31th and will return to the activity in mid-July.

- Faustopicks: Busy months await us at the ATP / WTA circuit, with the Roland Garros (June), Wimbledon (July) and much more. Faustopicks will be present in all of this.

- COACH: Like every tennis tipsters, MarioBetsPRO and Faustopicks, his service will continue working in the summer months.

- Osaznosa: One of our latest incorporations, this tipster won't stop on summer. He expects a lot of activity in Australia and numerous friendlies matchs around the world.

- Corner-Kicks: this tipster won't stop on summer.

- Sportssystems: On mid-June he will take a break and will return at the end of September, when the 2018-2019 official competitions begin.

- ProTraderBet: The service will continue active on summer.

- Reddington: This service will be paused from the end of May until mid-August, coinciding with the start of the new season on Spain.

- Jowi: He will take a break from July 1st to July 31th.

- PicksFutsal: The service of our futsal specialist will continue active all summer, with several national championships and competitions in the calendar.

If you want to ask us any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our web chat or by filling out our contact form (click here).
We will answer your query as soon as possible.

Happy summer!