Easter offers at InBetsment


Coinciding with Easter and the amazing run that many of our tipsters are going through, we will enable special prices in the services that are offering better results.

The special prices will be available from Tuesday, 16th, until next Sunday, 21st. The offers are valid both for new purchases and renovations. In the case of renewals, remember that the days are accumulated to those that still remain.

Some of the competitions, in which the InBetsment tipsters predict, are in the final period of the season. That is why, in this article, we will tell you what plans they have for the coming months.

Remember that when a tipster PAUSE his service, no subscription days are consumed until it restarts. So you will not miss the days that remain.


We want to highlight the following information:

- TheManInTheKnow (280 € / 180 days): we don't have adjectives to describe the performance of this horse racing tipster. Proven track record (22.5% yield in more than 5,000 picks). In 2018 it reached a 31% yield, and so far in 2019 an amazing 41%.
That is why we enable a long-term offer, with a 45% discount. A sure value!

- BetsFutAmateur (€ 99 / 45 days): one of our most expert and recognized tipsters, continues too in a very high level. This season the regular league in Third and Second-B Spanish finishes on May 19th. Starting on 19th, the service will be paused until the official start of the new season, around mid-August. So if you buy 45 days, you will have his service until the end of August, with the playoffs and preseason included, where he usually performs at a high level.

- ThinkerOfBets (€ 99 / 75 days): the premium service of Pensador de Apuestas continues feeding his prestige, month after month, plenty of regularity. The official season ends on June 30th. In this final period he usually gets great results. The service will be paused during the months of July and August.

- SuperCards (€ 75 / 60 ​​days): one of our latest incorporations is close to the end of the season. His service will be paused when the official competitions in Spain, England and Italy, end. He will return to the activity with the beginning of the new season, in August.
The price of the service, due to the high demand and to preserve the quality of it, will be updated to € 69, for a subscription of 30 days, starting on April 22nd. Until then, you can buy the service at old price or with the special subscription. Current customers who have 60 or less days left of their current subscription, can renew the service with any of these options.

- DoublesWin (€ 99 / 6 units): the last tipster to join InBetsment. Specialist in men's doubles of ATP, and focusing all his picks in Pinnacle. The picks are available in a wide variety of bookies, both European and local. His service is marketed, in testing phase, by units. You can benefit from a 35% discount and buy 6 units for only € 99.

- Marcip (€ 95/60 days): he already accumulates 15 months as a tipster, and has finished them all with positive numbers. This fact speaks very well of him and his regularity, offering a yield of 23% in more than 1,000 picks. The service will only be paused between May 29th and June 10th.

- FrenchBasketPinnacle (€ 90 / 60 days MANUAL): specialist in the French basketball ProB. He focuses all his picks in Pinnacle, with an 18% yield and is one of the most demanded tipsters. The places in AutoBetting mode are sold out (you can sign up to the WAITING LIST). Picks can be found in many other European and local bookies. For AutoBetting customers who want to renew, they can do so with the 60-day special for € 79.
At the end of May, coinciding with the end of the competition in which he predicts, he will put his service on hold until the start of the new season.

- Tipsordead (€ 89 / 60 days): our tipster specialized in the Brazilian market, continues to maintain a very high yield: 32%. The sample already exceeds 400 picks. His service will not stop in summer, since they include a multitude of competitions and several sports. It is estimated an average of monthly picks higher than 60 in all these months.

- ProCornerBet (€ 45 / 30 days): tipster specialized in the corner market. His method allows him to get performance in those games in which the bookie does not correctly estimate the number of corners regarding the extra time. All picks are LIVE.


To resolve any doubt, you can send your question by filling in the contact form or by writing through website chat.

Happy Easter!