Best tipsters in InBetsment during 2018

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We make a overview about 2018 in InBetsment

In this article, we will make an overview of what the year 2018 has brought us, both in terms of the performance of our tipsters and in the improvements that we have incorporated into InBetsment throughout the year.
Also, we will write few lines about what awaits us in 2019.


In this image we can see the ranking (according to yield) of our tipsters in 2018. Specifically, the first 9 tipsters of the ranking:

All of them have offered a quality service, although we would like to highlight especially 3 tipsters, which are the TOP 3 InBetsment tipsters (according to SCORE):

- TheManInTheKnow: has finished an impressive 2018. A yield of 31% in more than 1000 picks. Overall, and within a long and proven track record, already exceeds 5.000 picks with a yield above 22%. His service can be followed in several bookies, which is a very important aspect for his customers. In June, the service enjoyed an epic moment, hitting a TRIXIE bet that supposed a BENEFIT of 80 UNITS!

- MarioBetsPRO: once more, he has been at a splendid level. One of the best ITF tipsters. He continues to satisfy the high expectations of his clients, offering great results month after month. He predicts in a market with a large number of tips, which requires a lot of professionalism and continuity.

- BetsFutAmateur: one of our more expert and prestigious tipsters, which is still confirmed as one of the bests. An amazing regularity, reaching a yield of 25% in 875 picks in 2018, which makes him an absolute reference in its market.

To finish this balance in terms of the performance of our tipsters, we would like to thank all of them for their professionalism and dedication, which makes InBetsment every day better.
Thank you!


From InBetsment, we work every day to improve the service we offer our clients and that is why we are continually developing new tools that improve the user experience.

In this recently finished 2018, we have incorporated the following novelties:

- Guaranteed profit policy: any subscription of 60 or more days will be extended automatically inf it ends in negative. You can know the details by clicking on the link.

- InBetsment user levels: depending on the frequency with which a user uses our services, he will have one of these user levels: amateur, intermediate, PRO and VIP. If you reach this last level, you will enjoy some extra benefits that you can consult by clicking on the link.



In 2019 we will continue putting all our efforts so that the level of tipsters in InBetsment improves, as well as the benefits that we offer to our clients.

Throughout the first weeks of 2019, a new version of our official app "InAlerts" will be available, which will improve some aspects of the previous one.

Our automatic betting tool, AutoBetting, is working perfectly, which is excellent news.
We will work to incorporate a high-level tipster that complements the offer we currently have of 100% AutoBetting tipsters and Semi-AutoBetting tipsters.

So, we continue working, we want your experience in InBetsment to be the best possible.