Forget about betting your picks from now on!

InBetsment we have an integrated software that receives the picks of your tipster from PinnacleSports and automatically places your bet according to the parameters you have set.

Thanks to our tool, you will not have to be aware of the picks of your tipsters since these will be placed automatically without odds dropping.

The steps are simple: Hire your tipster, set up your stakes strategy, enter your PinnacleSports or Pinbet88 credentials and the automatic betting tool will do the rest for you.


What tipsters are the ones that have the "automatic bet" service?

Those who have the distinctive "100% AutoBetting" and "Semi-AutoBetting" on their profile.

The first are those that offer all of their picks in PinnacleSports.

The second ones offer the great majority of picks in PinnacleSports (depending on the service, but the % AutoBetting oscillates between 70% and 90%) and these can be bet with the tool, but the small remaining percentage of picks are in other bookies and the customer will have to make them by hand.


What do I have to do to hire the automatic betting tool?

Simply by hiring a tipster that is offered with automatic betting service, you will be given access to the tool and you will be informed of it, all in an automated way. After purchasing the subscription, we will show you a configuration panel where you must enter:

  • Strategy: You can choose whether to continue stake or always bet on a constant value (Level Stakes).
  • The equivalence in € per unit of stake.
  • The maximum allowed odds dropping.
  • Your PinnacleSports or Pinbet88 credentials.
  • If you want that we sent you the picks when the bot can not place a bet successfully for any reason: tool failure or odds drop. We will make that by our app "InAlerts". To recieive also by mail, you must check on in your profile "Priority email notifications".

How much it cost?

The automatic bettting tool have a cost based on the wagered bet (Turnover). The cost is different for each tipster and will be deducted from the balance of InBetsment points of the customer. Therefore, in order to use it, you must always have positive balance of points. Example: If a tipster, whose price is 0.25%, sends a pick and the tool places a bet of € 100 you will subtract 25 points from your balance whose equivalent in euros is € 0.25.

In case your balance of points is 0, you will not receive the pick but you will receive notice that your balance is insufficient. In addition, you will also be notified if the bet has not been placed successfully because of no balance in the bookie.

However, customers who have a PinnacleSports account affiliated with InBetsment or an account in Pinnacle/Pinbet88 affiliated with InBetsment through SportMarket/Asianconnect will enjoy a discount of 0.2% and 0.1% in the variable cost of the subscription. This cost may be different in each of the tipsters offered by the Auto Betting service.

If you want more information on how to obtain an affiliate account, either in PinnacleSports or  PinnacleSports trhough SportMarket or PinBet88 through Asianconnect click in the corresponding link. It's very easy and fast.

The first option is available only if your country is one of the countries allowed by pinnacle. If it is not, you can use the second and third option. We recommend the second for the fact of being Pinnacle and not Pinbet88, which are better suited to autobetting.


How can I follow the evolution of the bets that the tool is making?

From your profile (button in the upper right of the web) you can access a section called "My bets". There is an inventory of all the bets that the tool is placing of the tipster that you have hired. Likewise, inside there is a section, "My statistics bot" that shows your trackrecord in aggregate.


Can the tool not make a bet? I will not make my bet in that case?

There are several reasons why the tool might not place a bet sent by the tipster:

- Odds drop above the value you have allowed in your configuration.

In this case you will be sent the pick to the app so that you can place it manually if you wish.

- You have not entered your pinnacle credentials or there is an error in them.
- You have no balance in the bookie
- Your balance of points inbetsment is insufficient to face the variable spending of the bet

In these cases you will be sent a notice by mail and / or app informing you of what solutions this problem.


What are the risks of having to enter my pinnacle credentials in my profile?

It is obvious that in order to our tool can place bets for you in your account, it need sto be able to enter it and therefore know your credentials. 

Credentials are safe: at all times the password will be encrypted and neither inbetsment nor anyone can know it. In addition, as stated in our terms and conditions, our tool can only use these credentials to place the bets of the purchased tipster and with the parameters set by the customer. We are the first ones interested in everything working properly. Our only intention is to put at your disposal a new tool that makes it much easier to follow a tipster. Remember that in addition to withdrawing money from a bookie, it requires that it be made to accounts or moneybookers whose name matches that of the owner of the account and through which the money was entered.

Is there a stakes limitation in autobetting services?

With the aim of preserving the quality of the AutoBetting services we will setup, in each one, a maximum level of stakes per pick depending on the liquidity or maximum bet of the event. We will limit the maximum unit in each pick to a certain percentage of the maximum bet (Max).

If the customer had a higher amount per unit, the tool will only place the maximum allowed for that pick, and you will be notified of the bet amount so that you can complete the bet manually.

Example: if a Tipster, which sets a maximum percentage to 10%, sends a pick whose max bet is € 1000, the maximum unit bet will be € 100. If the pick is st 2, then the maximum bet will be € 200. Any customer can have a higher configured unit. Only in the case of this pick you would make a maximum bet of € 100 per unit.

That is why we advise players with a high Bank that, when determining the unit, have these details in mind.

We feel the inconvenience caused, but we are convinced that it is a good for all.

How does the retry system work?

We have recently implemented a retries system in our automatic betting tool. It tries to place those picks that could not be placed at the time of delivering. Bot will place it only in case of higher odds than minimum you allow.

To deactivate / activate "retry" option, you should do it from the tipster subscription in "my subscriptions". Also, even if you have activated this check,  you can individually deactivate the retry for a particular pick from "my bets" section. This comes in handy in case you find the opportunity to place it manually in another bookie and you do not want to leave it at random to double your bet.

We insist that, if you have activated both checks (alerts and retry) at the same time, the pick will be released in the app and our tool will retry. Be careful if you are going to place it manually, cancel the retry so as not to duplicate the stake.


For any questions or queries you wish to make, we are at your disposal at