Our Tipsters picks will contain all the information you need to make a bet. They will be sent through our app or email.

Below we describe the different fields of a pick:

Tipster: It is the hired specialist who sends us the forecasts. In this case Sportssystems

Bookie: Is the house or broker in which we will place the bet. In this case William Hill.

Live / Pre-match: It gives information on whether the chosen event is live or has not yet begun (pre-match). In this case PreMatch

Date: Displays the date and start time of the event you be forecast. In this case 06/04/2016 21:30

Sport: The sport that the forecast is based on. In this case Basket

Competition: The competition the forecast is based on. In the example Basket:Eurocup

Event: The game to we have place the bet on. In this case Gran Canaria-Galatasaray

Forecast: This is the bet we have to place. In this example Gran Canaria handicap -4 at Half Time

Odds: This is the return in case of winning the bet. In this example @ 1.85

Stake: This sets the number of units we should play. We will exchange the amount of units into euros according to our personal equivalence. In this case 2 units. If the value of my unit is 30 €, I will bet 60 € in this forecast.

No bet under: This sets the tipster recommended minimum odds value. Below this value, it is recommended not to place the bet, considering that this forecast becomes worthless. In this example, the minimum doesnt appear.

It would read as follows: "The tipster Sportssystem advises you to log into the bookie William Hill and go to sports and select basket. Find Eurocup competition, and the event Gran Canaria against GAlatasaray. It is advised to place a bet on the fact that Gran Canaria handicap -4 pts in the first half. The odds are 1.85. Bet 2 units "