InBetsment tipsters are specialists in sports betting who have demonstrated, with their trackrecord of tips, the ability to make of betting a very profitable investment. Their number of picks is large enough so that their past stats can serve as a predictor of their success in the future.

At Inbetsment, you can see for each tipster, in addition to yield, profit and number of picks, a specific SCORE. The SCORE is a measure elaborated by us that consider severall important variables of each specialist.

There are several aspects that are important when choosing what tipster suits the client according to their availability to bet, the bookies available, among other factors. Below, in the section "What tipster should I choose?" you will find more information.

At InBetsment we do not want to have a lot of tipsters, but we will try to put at your disposal the best tipster on the market.



In InBetsment there are three categories of tipsters:

Tipsters 100% AutoBetting

The service of these tipsters are served, exclusively and in its entirety, through our tool of automatic betting: AutoBetting.
They are tipsters who publish all their picks at Pinnacle, a sportsbook, which does not limit winners.

The mechanics are as follows: When the customer hires the service, you must enter your Pinnacle credentials and setup your stakes strategy, along with a few more parameters. Once this is configured, each time the tipster sends a pick, his bet will be automatically placed according to the parameters previously defined by the client.

We recommend reading the following ARTICLE to get more information about the tool.

Tipsters 100% AutoBetting, can also be purchased with the standard service, although we advise to do it through AutoBetting to avoid the odds drop.

Tipster Semi-AutoBetting

These types of tipsters offer a mixed service. That is, the vast majority of their picks (above 60-70%, normally) are published in Pinnacle, and the rest in other bookies.
So, clients who purchase these tipsters with AutoBetting, must configure their credentials and define their stake strategy .When the tipsters post picks in Pinnacle, the bet will be placed automatically. However, when the tipster sends a pick that is not in Pinnacle, the client will receive it for the app and / or the mail and must place the bet manually.

Like Tipsters 100% AutoBetting, these tipsters can also be hired on a standard way , placing the client manually all of their bets.

Traditional Tipsters

They are the conventional services offered by tipsters. The mechanics are as follows: the customer hires a service for a certain period. During this period you will receive tips from the tipster through the app and / or the mail and you must manually place the bets in the bookies that the tipster recommends.
All our tipsters, regardless of whether they offer their service with the automatic betting tool, can be hired on a standard subscription.


At InBetsment, Professional Tipsters are hired for periods of 30 or 90 days. Punctually, tipsters have special subscriptions available, with a certain duration and price, and to which other discounts are not applicable.

Each tipster has a certain price. The price is set depending on several factors: tipster level, last  months results, service demand, among others.

From there, analyze the list of our tipsters and choose the one that best match your requeriments (see section "What tipster should I choose" below).
If you need advice and / or do not know which tipster best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. You can do it through our ONLINE CHAT.

To buy a Tipster, you must enter your profile by clicking on its name and within your profile, you can buy your subscription by clicking on SUBSCRIBE.



InBetsment has designed a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices, which you can download for FREE through the AppStore or Google Play, respectively.

This application allows you to instantly receive forecasts of our specialists on your smartphone. In the message you will be informed of everything you need to know to go to the bookie and make the bet. This information will include sport, event, market share, stake, etc.

Our application is designed by a team of developers who perfectly understand the technicalities of sending mass communications by telematics channels. It has a multichannel delivery system which guarantees the receipt of forecasts virtually instantaneously.



There are objective factors that make a tipster be good or bad. In the next section we will take a detailed breakdown of these factors. Our quantitative team has designed a measurement tool, called THE SCORE, largely collecting them all.

However, beyond these objective factors, a tipster could be more or less suitable depending on bettor types.

For example, if a tipster launches most of their forecasts during the weekend, those bettors who cannot spend time during weekdays will claim that this schedule is very comfortable, since they will always be available to get a forecast. Others, however, are free during weekdays and prefer the tipster to send the bulk of their forecasts during weekdays. Similarly, it may happen that a person has the afternoon off and prefer a tipster to publish in the morning, or vice versa.

In the section “tipster schedule” you can see which are the most common times our tipsters will send their picks.

Another factor to consider is the liquidity or duration of the odds chosen. There are very cost effective services, but for which you must be very alert at the time of receiving the picks. It takes little time since the forecast is released, until the odds decrease, because of the bets from other users. There are bettors who can afford it and even gives them satisfaction to have gotten such betting picks. However other players will not, or cannot keep an eye, and therefore, they prefer a tipster with a lower yield but whose recommended bets do not change, so they can be reached.

Another relevant factor may be the bettor risk aversion. There are tipsters with a very high yield but due to the level of contributions to betting and the use of the stake, the results can be very volatile.

For example, a horse racing tipster with a 30% yield betting for underdogs, could well give 50 picks and accumulating a loss or a gain of +/-30 units. There are tipsters who need a high number of picks to stabilize their profit. There are bettors who do not care about this because they are aware that this can happen due to the tipster way of doing. However, other bettors won’t stand this because they will always doubt whether the tipster is generating losses because of a bad streak or because it has lost the ability to select profitable shares.

If you need advice on what tipster is best suited to you, please contact us on the Tutorials section (you must be logged in to access)



It is the radiography of a tipster. It contains all the quantitative and qualitative information you need to know to make the most of a service. At InBetsment we have put special emphasis on designing an engine and a series of statistics that define perfectly all tipsters. To do this, we have a professional team with extensive experience in quantitative techniques applied to risk analysis and assessment of both sports betting and financial markets.

Each tipster has the following qualitative descriptors:

  • Biography
  • Tipster description by InBetsment
  • Email with instructions for tracking their service

The following statistics (which can be filtered for the last month, 3 months, 6 months, or the entire historical):

  • Number of picks
  • Weighted odds average per stakes
  • Average Stake
  • Success percentage rate
  • Profit in units
  • Level stakes profit (under the hypothesis of constant stakes and equal to 1)
  • Yield
  • Yield level stakes (under the hypothesis of constant stakes and equal to 1)
  • Yield analysis by stakes
  • Yield analysis by odds range
  • Profit Volatility
  • Current tipster Bank. Annual return on investment.
  • Accessibility or liquidity of the picks
  • Frequency of forecasts during daytime GMT+2
  • Frequency of forecasts by time frame
  • Frequency of forecasts by day of the week

There are also other statistics, such as:

  • Predominant bookies
  • Predominant sports
  • Tipster's form based on the score for picks of previous month.
  • Investment simulator with a time horizon for each tipster

Tipster evolution graphs during a set time window, with the most important statistics of a tipster:

  • Bank
  • Accumulated profit in units
  • Accumulated profit in units with stake = 1
  • Stake evolution



There are several objective factors determining the quality of a tipster and service. The most important and well known is the yield, but it may be, sometimes, overrated.

There are other aspects that the InBetsment Analyst Team believes should be taken into a greater consideration:

The liquidity of a pick

Everyone knows that when many players place a certain bet, the odds are adjusted and decrease. Therefore, there is a risk that when a tipster throws a pick and subscribers begin to bet, the odds do not hold and descend. That ability for the odds to keep their value without lowering is called liquidity, and is very important for all bettors to be able to place their bets. There is no point for a tipster to have a very high yield if the picks are only caught at the original odds by ten fastest subscribers.

The schedule of the tipster

Investing in gambling is currently very profitable, probably more than any financial asset, but the difference is that is actively managed by the bettor and not delegated to an entity like the case of financial assets. It is therefore important that the investor can access the forecasts in a time slot known in advance and is compatible with the normal development of their personal and private life. Tipsters randomly occupied all day with their picks are tipsters that require intensive dedication by the bettor. They are neither worse nor better but customers should have this information before deciding who to hire.

Profit Volatility

Usually customers sign a service for relatively short time horizons of 1-3 months. Although the service is ultimately very profitable with high yield, it is possible that, depending on spells of good or bad luck and / or the characteristics of the picks, temporary losses can accumulate. It is when the customer starts hesitating, usually even questioning the quality of the selection of picks by the tipster. It is good, therefore, to know in advance that this can happen and that statistical volatility can be assessed beforehand. We believe, for obvious reasons, that a client, for the same return or yield, prefers less volatile services.

The predictive ability of the past for the future

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that, through the analysis of past events, is able to delimit what will happen in the future. Statistics do not guess but it is capable of projecting what are the estimated margins of a variable.

In this case one might ask the following:

Can I make the following assumption? A tipster, who has a yield of 30% with 200 picks, will keep their results in the future?

What is better: a tipster carrying 200 picks with a yield of 30% or 500 picks with a yield of 20%?

The statistics have an answer to these questions: there is a calculation, taken from the history of picks, which depending on the sample size and characteristics of each of the forecasts, is capable of estimating the reliability of the yield in the future. We think that the higher the reliability of the history yield data, the more desirable the service is.

Our quantitative team created a synthetic statistic program that summarizes the tipster quality at a value from 1 to 10. This score includes these 5 factors and some others, and gives each of them different weights. This statistic program is called the tipster SCORE