InBetsment set a customer loyalty system for renewals and new contracts of a tipster that includes discounts up to 75% of the price of the service.

We have defined a loyalty policy, which rewards those customers who buy new services, renew and / or buy long subscriptions.

There are three types:

  • Renewal discount: a 5% discount is applied on each renewal, accumulating month by month, up to a maximum of 25%. To benefit from this, the subscription must be renewed before the current one expires. Otherwise, it will be understood as a new purchase, losing the fidelity accumulated in that service.
    Regardless of when a renewal is made, the renewed days will be accumulated. That is, if I have 3 days left for my subscription to end, and I renew the service for 30 days, my new subscription will have a maturity of 33 days.
  • Quarterly contracts (90 days): 20% discount applies for hiring a tipster for this period.
  • Hiring new tipsters: a 10% discount is applied on the first time you hire a new tipster having another one active

All these discounts are cumulative with each other.
Remember that special subscriptions are not applicable to any of the three types of discounts mentioned.

In addition, you can get € 10 for inviting a friend to InBetsment. Learn more about this by clicking HERE.