We will add free days untill your subscription will have positive results

Since the end of march 2018 we apply a new policy: guaranteed profit in subscriptions longer than 60 days.

If your subscription is longer than 60 days and its official* profit is negative, we will automatically add 15 days periods until the subscription profit will be positive. 

This extension will be FREE, AUTOMATIC and is done at the time the subscription expires.

It is valid both for purchases of subscriptions with a period > 60 days and for customers renewing the service of 30 in 30 days and accumulating a period of more than 60 days.

In case of a subscription extension, an email will be sent informing you. Otherwise you will receive the expired subscription mail. If a subscription expires, the user will lose the loyalty, and it will start from 0 in case of re-contracting.

You can check at any time the official profit of your subscription in "My subscriptions" section.

* The official profit during the subscription period refers to the profit calculated in units assuming  stakes and odds advised by the tipster.